This is a food and essentials donation program which was initiated by Zilpah’s Cloud Kitchen as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a company, we are on the frontline of community development and creating a food program for those in need in our communities is one of the things that we gladly take part in. This vision will not just end with the pandemic but will be adopted.

We work with health community workers who have a better understanding of the communities and are in a better position to identify those in need of the food and essentials donation.

We rally the donations from well-wishers within and out of our circles. Donations are usually collected during the week and dispatched every Monday afternoon to the families. Each identified family ideally receives a donation bag which has:1 bar soap, 4 toilet papers, 1 sanitary towel pack, 2kgs sugar, 2kgs maize flour, 1kg porridge flour, 2kgs rice,2kgs green grams and 2Lts cooking oil. This depends on the donated food and essential items as well as the monetary donations.

We have created a system where donation entries are made as well as disport. The families sign off on the dispatch sheets. This has made it possible to have transparence within the program. It is also easy to keep track of the incoming and outgoing donations.

At the moment we are working with the community health workers at Gertrude’s Githogoro. So far, the program has been smooth.

To be part of #AccessFood254 you can get in touch with us via email:  or call us on +254(0)728-144266