We bring our expertise and skills to your home, office or event space, giving you the freedom to enjoy quality and memorable meals effortlessly. We provide catering services to a variety of events. These include: Wedding catering; bridal showers, dowry payment events and introductions. Corporate catering which covers mall office meetings, BOD meetings, press conferences, trainings and large regional events. Social events catering which include but not limited to; birthdays, graduations, retirement, baby showers, parties, game nights and so much more. Lastly we provide concession catering as well.

As a company we believe in value for your money and we do the very best to ensure our clients get just that. We strive to provide state of the art client service, timely delivery and set-up when need be, to perfection presentation, customized menus and prices. We work with the client’s budget to ensure friendly and manageable prices


We can all agree that catering makes a huge impact when it comes to events and when looked at a wedding setting, it is the one thing that everyone will be talking about. Whether the food was great or not, somehow it is always the talk of weddings and events. People rarely remember what flower arrangements were there or their lack of but they always remember about the food.

At Zilpah’s Cloud Kitchen we strive for perfection and memorability. We put our skills to doing it right the first time.

We have a team that will work with you to ensure your vision is made to reality and the planning is smooth and as effortless as it can be made.

We know that life can get super busy and cooking for a family or a large group of guests is not exactly your top priority. That’s why we are happy to cater to all your requests and deliver a one of a kind culinary experience that meets your personal taste.

Over the years, social events such as parties and weddings have been made to seem too expensive and a luxury only for those with a wide range budget. At Zilpah’s Cloud Kitchen however, we believe every budget line deserves a great catering experience and we therefore work with our clients to provide satisfactory catering services no matter their budget line.

In our catering on Budget pack we have options one in which our client has the option of buying the ingredients and simply hiring the skill set needed. In this, we work closely with you to create the menu you want and the shopping lists needed. This way, you are part of the process and you get to save a big deal!